i went out tonight with the third of my "personal ad" dates and i guess i know what a date is now. you sit and drink and talk to someone for two or three hours during which time they decide they don't like you. charming, huh? actually, this boy seemed nice enough, it just seems like the whole structure is lacking--i guess it's me that is lacking. maybe i shouldn't expect too much and should stick with it, but it's honestly more depressing to keep having these non-productive dates than it was to not date at all. at least when i wasn't "dating", i occasionally had sex.
i hate to break it to anyone who doesn't already know, but apparently i am not someone you want to date.
anyway, i'm probably just drunk and feeling sorry for myself because tomorrow is my birthday and that always makes me feel a little blue. new year's eve and my birthday are not happy times, generally. too many bad things have happened on them.
well, at least i have jessica to look forward to on saturday and a nice dinner with jeffrey and his new boyfriend tomorrow night for my birthday at greens. i went out before my date and had my nails done a nice, whorish red for the occasion. sunday could turn out to be a better thing, but i'm not holding my breath. i've been disappointed before.
man, i'm all about the whining tonight! i don't really feel that glum, just tired and ready for bed, which is, i guess, where i should be. just a shame it's alone!
{title=my adventures in dating.}

so the night really started when ron came in, talking about a woman wearing see-through pants, working up the street. patrick was intrigued, but he couldn't leave the bar, so he sent mike to check it out. before this time, mike had been trying to chat up me and alice, but was sitting three seats away and mumbling, so it wasn't going over well...though he did buy us a shot of orangina.
anyway, patrick sent him down to the international club to corraborate the story and he came back looking a little disturbed. he seemed to have lost that lovin' feeling. ron, on the other hand, was ready to supply us with a visual aid--an artist's rendering of said see-through pants. i asked him what she was wearing on top. the response: "who CARES?!"
the rest of the night, ron maintained base camp next to alice, talking to me about a variety of social issues. alice said that he smelled of mothballs and we eventually left. i was just relieved that, for once, the freaky bad-smelling guy wasn't sitting right next to me.
{title=saturday night.}

it's my birthday and i'm not so gloomy this morning. my LTA made me cookies and gave me a cool organizer thingie!
my friends at school took me to a wonderfull lunch that included a grilled cheese and some garlic fries that made me rather reek. tonight, my friend jeffrey took me out to greens for a wonderful dinner and i got to meet the new boyfriend, andraes. very sweet. swung by delerium for a drink on the way home and thought about stopping at the 3300, but, frankly, i'm already drunk and i'm getting sleepy, even if it is my birthday. seems like it might be sad to stop there alone and there is probably no one i want to bring home at this point. ah, for the good old days!
happy birthday to me! it's been a nice day and i have nice friends, sexy results or no.
{title=okay, okay already!}

so, i've been pretty much as sick as i've ever been with a cold the last couple of weeks. i missed almost a whole week of work and i never miss a DAY, and i have had jessica visiting and i haven't been able to go out and do ANYTHING fun. we just sit and play video games, mostly.

well, between being sick since my birthday and my two wonderful houseguests--also since my birthday, though not at the same time--i haven't had much time to write. i haven't had a lot to say, either, i guess, but i'll catch you all up and try to get my brain all together and cleared out again.
the cold is finally leaving, though at this moment i still cannot breathe through my left nostril and that's fairly irritating. paul and i got totally soaked in the icy rain yesterday, and i'm thinking that probably didn't help anything any...
while jessica was here, i was pretty much too out of it to do anything other than smoke dope and play video games, jessica's version of nursing me back to health which was certainly more fun that what i would have been doing on my own. we did go to cati's dance thing the night jess got into town, about an hour before i actually got sick, and that was fun. people played saws and swung around in big fabric slings, so that was cool with me! that night i went out with alice and a friend of hers to the 3300 with jess and aaron and that's when the illness struck.
apparently this illness was so serious that it is keeping me from writing a paragraph that makes any sense, so i'll move on.
jess left on thursday and paul showed up on friday evening--or was it saturday? we had a nice time and then he went to his folks place and i went to my aunt and uncle's for christmas...another of my cousins has placed a house up on the ranch, so that's three cousin families and my aunt and uncle now living there full time. sort of like a little compound, complete with scary amounts of guns, but i love them.
on the way home from christmas at the fam, i stopped in danville to meet a nice boy and have a little date-type activity and then i went home to sleep and await paul's return. at some point in there, i also saw <I>lord of the rings</I>, which i thought was a little overly long and which annoyed me for a rather silly reason, i guess: they spent tons and tons of money on all these fabulous special effects, but they couldn't keep liv tyler's lipstick the same color for five minutes of the film.
okay, that's more rambling than anyone is going to care to wade through. i'll move on now and watch futurama for a while. hopefully i'll have something exciting to tell someone about something soon. preferably about sexy results...
{title=catching up...}