generally, i like teenagers.

(but, dude. what a pain in the ass.)

i choose to work with teenagers because i like them better than i like most adults...i couldn't say that i understand them any better than i understand any human beings--or cats, for that matter--but i like the fact that they are still making choices about how they will live their lives, and i think too many people of my own age have settled in a little too much to still be doing that. i love my job because i get to see how students change through school, how they develop their ideals and personalities--i just wish some of them would get on with it a little bit and quit being jerks when they could just be civil and it would be cool. they don't even have to be particularly good, just a little less jerky.

read it if you want to and feel free to email me about it if you want--just keep it to yourself if you're a teen.